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The quick spiel is that we have consistently proven that we understand SEO better than the broad competition and give it the attention it deserves. We separate out the strategy into currently ranking URL's, volume keywords, competition specific keywords, legitimate backlinking at 10x the quantity, topic saturation and aggressive targeting and retargeting of your identified audience. We use many tools to heat map the site to perfect call to action conversions and call metrics and such. In short, we don't play games and we also don't take on every client we run into. We must believe in the ability for the "brand" to explode. Once we get our hands on it, we can aggressively dominate the identified competitors.


At Private Sector SEO we offer a no-nonsense, highly strategic approach to the accounts we partner with. We use carefully constructed combinations of extremely effective methods.

These tools consist of:

  • Dominant National SEO techniques, -Masterfully converting ad strategies,

  • Geo-Territory topic targeting

  • Color and pattern psychological mirroring

  • Constant algorithm monitoring paired with the analysis of competitors and marketplace

In short, through perfection of online mastery, we surround all aspects of your industry and target every corner of online interest as pertaining to your product or service.


For years our SEO experts have operated some of the Nations largest and most strategic accounts. We maintain our list of prestigious clients based on unrivaled results, consistency, and professionalism.

At Private Sector SEO Dominance in your space is the end result, no lower standard accepted.

Thanks for stopping by, we look forward to connecting soon.

Private Sector SEO team-

-Dominate your space-

At Private Sector SEO Dominance in your space is the end result, no lower standard accepted.


  • 35 Years of experience in SEO and digital marketing.

  • Scaled other agencies to 7 figured focused on SEO and digital marketing.

  • SEO certified - eMarketing Institute.

  • Digital Marketing Certified - SEMRush Academy.

  • Ran over 500 SEO campaigns in a wide variety of industries ranging from local service companies, to ecom brands, to large health providers targeting international audiences, with SEO budgets ranging from as large as $95K and Paid Adspend of $150K, down to smaller companies with a digital budget as low as $1,500 a month.

Campaigns have included Hedstrom Plastics (who manufactures the BOSU ball), Blair Singer (who is one of Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Advisors), Don Miguel Ruiz (author of The 4 Agreements), the family of Ed Parker (who invented Kenpo Karate), La Peer Health (one of the largest ambulatory surgery centers in the Los Angeles area- I was contracted to design, implement, and grow their SEO strategy over an 18 month period and then hand it off to their in house team ), and Moonstone Nutrition (a current leader in the natural kidney stone removal