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Digital marketing is crucial to any business. Without an effective SEO strategy that puts you at the top of search engine results, customers won’t find you. But how do you create a digital marketing strategy that cuts through the noise?


That’s where we come in.


Ignoring online marketing isn’t an option anymore, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to do effectively. Some digital marketing companies offer cookie-cutter services that don’t take your unique needs into account. We take your business as seriously as you do, and we’re so excited to use our expertise to help you succeed.


We’re passionate about creating a unique approach to your digital marketing. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you in the digital marketplace.



Digital marketing can feel like an impossible task. Social media strategies, SEO keywords, and email campaigns can make or break your business. A fantastic product or service will lose out to competitors who have an edge on online marketing.

We take the guesswork out of SEO and online marketing initiatives. You focus on making your business the best it can be, and we’ll make sure customers know who you are. At Private Sector SEO, we know everything there is to know about creating and maintaining online visibility for you and your business.

Whether you’re a brand-new small business or a growing success looking to conquer the next level, we’ve got you covered. Our services are tailor-made for your needs. We’ll guide you every step of the way, building a marketing strategy designed just for you.




Everyone needs an effective digital marketing strategy in order to grow and maintain a customer base.

From lawyers to landscapers, hardware stores to daycare centers, full-time jobs to side-hustles, everyone needs to reach new customers. The best way to reach those customers is to make sure your online presence stands out. An effective website and a robust SEO marketing strategy will attract customers away from your competitors..

Private Sector SEO understands what it takes to put your business at the top of a Google search. We’ll work with you to understand what makes your business special, and we’ll deliver what you need to make your services stand out. You know that you’re offering the very best in your industry, and we’re here to make sure potential customers know it, too.

Giving You the Tools to Succeed

We specialize in offering the very best digital marketing services in the Arizona area. We understand that online marketing can be a daunting task, and we know that you want to focus on your relationship with your customers.

That’s why our approach is catered to you and your needs. We don’t cut corners with a one-size-fits-all marketing campaign. Instead, we offer targeted strategies created with your goals in mind. We’ll work with you every step of the way so you understand the difference Private Sector SEO will make for your business.

Do you want your website to come up higher in search engine results? Do you know your website needs work but you aren’t sure where to start? Does the phrase “search engine optimization” make your head spin?

Here at Private Sector SEO, we specialize in everything that intimidates you about digital marketing.


Trustworthy and Transparent

Some marketing companies will take your money and leave you in the dark. Here at Private Sector SEO we work with you.

We know that it can be hard to trust a marketing company to truly care about your success. You put everything you have into your business, so you don’t have the time or energy to become a marketing or SEO expert. We know that the world of digital marketing can be confusing. You might not even think you need to hire anyone to work on your online presence, that your services should speak for themselves.

Our digital marketing services are a necessary investment in your success. We’re just as passionate about online marketing and SEO as you are about your business. And we want you to feel confident that what we do will make a huge difference.

Contact us today, and we’ll answer all your questions about what we do and how our services will work for you and your business.

Making Your Business Stand Out

Have you ever done a simple search for your business? How hard is it to find your website online? How easy is it to find your competitors’ websites?

Getting your website to be among the highest search results on Google can seem like magic. Most people have no idea why their competitors’ websites are showing up on the first page of search results, even though they offer a lower quality product.

The answer is search engine optimization, or SEO, and that’s what Private Sector SEO can do for you.

We’re experts in SEO keyword optimization, building a fantastic website, and reaching new customers through digital marketing initiatives. We have an established track record of helping Arizona businesses reach new milestones and find success they never thought possible.

Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.


Reaching New Customers Through Digital Marketing

Email campaigns, newsletters, compelling copy on your website, and social media are all proven pathways to reaching your customers. But teaching yourself to be a digital marketing expert takes time away from serving the valued customers you already have.

The answer is Private Sector SEO, a full-service digital marketing company operating out of Scottsdale, Arizona. We start with the basics, like making sure you have a high-quality website with Google-friendly templates, landing pages, and copy written for SEO keywords relevant to your business. From there, we’ll build your strategy for you, setting you up for continued success in the digital marketplace.

Social Media

Private Sector SEO is an Arizona business helping other Arizona businesses find success in an online world.

We’re confident that you’ll see real, tangible results once you start working with us and seeing what we do. Find new customers and establish a strong online presence in your industry and local community, all from working with the established professionals at Private Sector SEO.

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At Private Sector SEO we offer a no nonsense, highly strategic approach to the accounts we choose to partner with. We use carefully constructed combinations of extremely effective methods.



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