How to Rank Higher on Google:
7 Surefire Tips

We are in the era of the global village, where technology has all but completely eliminated the distance between individuals. This means two things for your business.

How to Rank Higher on Google:

7 Surefire Tips.

We are in the era of the global village, where technology has all but completely eliminated the distance between individuals. This means two things for your business. 

First, you have quick and easy access to billions of customers who you'd never have reached from your physical shop. Second, you’re now competing globally with millions of other businesses. 

As such, you have the potential to tap into a larger customer base and grow your business exponentially. However, there is also the risk that you could drown in the sea of competitors and end up closing shop. 

This is why digital marketing is among the most integral elements of any organization in this age. The ability to stand out and reach out to prospective customers on the internet will determine the success of your enterprise. 


While there are various means to reach your customers, Google remains the most popular platform worldwide, attracting more than 86 billion monthly visits

Therefore, success on Google will mean a lot to your business. However, with over 4.4 million posts being published each day, standing out is not easy!

Fortunately, in this guide, we have compiled seven surefire tips to raise your ranking on Google and expand your customer base.

Improve On-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

On-page optimization has proven time and again as one of the most straightforward methods to grow your Google rankings. The upside is that it doesn’t take much time, and the results are evident within a short span.

Typically, you will need to optimize the headlines, page titles, and images on your website pages. It's important to note that stuffing keywords will get you the opposite results, so try and insert them only two or three times per page. Use keywords at the beginning of your title tags for optimum results.


Never Settle for Low-Quality Content

By creating high-quality content regularly, you prove to your visitors that you’re knowledgeable about your niche. This essentially shows that you are a credible source of information not only for your readers but for Google as well.

Some might call this strategy "being the last click". When Google sees that your content is credible and shareable, it pushes it up the search engine result page. Eventually, you’ll be the first website that pops up when audiences search for something in your niche.


Match Search Intent

Do you really know what your audience is looking for? Most people invest a lot of time creating content that doesn't resonate with the general public. What questions does your target audience enter into Google's search bar? 

Do they search for how-to guides, tips for beginners, real-life examples, etc.?

It is not easy to guess search intent. Ensure you conduct thorough research to get an insight into your target audience. An easy way to do this is to analyze the content that ranks on the first page and compare it to yours. If there is a way you can improve on the most successful competitors, you’ll have a higher chance of beating them. 

Google Analytics will also show you the type of content your prospective customers prefer. You’ll know this by the pages they stay longer in, the forms they respond more to, and their response to your sales emails, among other metrics.

Create Quality Links

Once you manage to draw an audience to your website, you can keep them there using internal links. Ensure that these internal links lead your audience to your most topically related content. The closer in relevance to your main topic, the more likely users will click your links. 

You should also link your website to authority sites and have them link back to you. When Google sees that you have a relationship with other sites they trust, they will be more likely to rank you higher. 


Improve and Tweak Your Website

Ensure that your website is designed to allow easy crawling and indexing for search engines. Moreover, ensure that your web pages are hypertext transfer protocol secure - HTTPS (Google often gives preference to websites that have HTTPS). 

Also, ensure that your web pages load quickly and have impeccable user experience (UX), especially for mobile users. Customers will feel comfortable on a website that responds well and makes them feel at ease. If your website takes minutes to load and is ugly, most people will leave as soon as they click on your link. 

Keep it Fresh!

Getting a page to rank highly on Google is not easy, but what’s even harder is staying up there. If you manage to get the number one spot, you know that everyone else wants it too. There’s competition all around constantly, with people offering similar information. A lot of focus often shifts to creating more content, and most people forget to audit and update existing content.

Perhaps your target audience’s needs have changed, so you should tailor your content to meet these new needs. Once your content becomes less relevant, your engagement significantly declines. Provide new content, as you should, but also constantly update and polish existing content to stay up-to-speed.


Hire Experts if Necessary

The stakes are high when it comes to Google rankings because you are competing against the whole world. You might want to do a lot of the stuff yourself, but sometimes getting knowledgeable and experienced experts to handle some of the more technical aspects is wise.

You want your web page and content to stand out among millions, so why not spend a little to get the much-needed upper hand over the competition? This small investment might go a long way in improving your online presence, and subsequently your growth.

Wrapping it Up!

One of the most effective techniques to increase website traffic is to use Google. This means ranking higher on Google can tremendously improve your website’s performance. When many individuals land on your website, you have a better chance of converting them to consumers, giving you an edge over competitors.

Also, keep in mind that this is not something you do once and get it over with. You will need to make iterative improvements to your website to maintain a high ranking on the search engine. Why not let us help with this? Contact us today and save time, effort, and resources trying to get to the converted first page of Google.



As a business in Arizona, you need to be strategic with your efforts to stand above your competition. In this regard we will help you through: 

  • Expertise

    There are many things that come into play during search engine optimization. Moreover, they're constantly evolving. To ensure that you get the best service possible, we have in-house experts for every aspect of SEO.

    Part of their job is to track digital marketing trends. As such, only the most effective strategies will make it to your campaign. 

  • Customer-Centric Approach

    We understand that it’s hard to trust another party with the fortunes of your business. As such, we like taking a collaborative approach when serving our customers. This means you can present your suggestions and make inquiries at any moment. 

  • Focus on Business Goals

    While the principles of SEO are generally the same, each business is unique. Our objective is to see your business prosper and forge a long-term relationship. This is why we base our strategy on your company’s unique needs.

    Before any work begins, our representatives will take time to understand what you hope to achieve. From this information, we’ll develop the appropriate SEO strategy.

Get Your Business the Exposure it Needs

The modern business ecosystem is highly competitive. Therefore, it’s not only about the quality of your products but also how visible they are. In short, consumers cannot purchase something they don’t know exists.


So, don’t just wait for consumers to walk in or stumble on your site by accident. Take the initiative and give your business the exposure it needs. With an effective SEO strategy and the right support, your organic traffic will gradually rise. Along with this will be an increase in sales and profits. Reach out to us today to take your business to the next level. 

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