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Whether you need a landing page, an SEO strategy, or a social media advertising campaign, we can do it all – all while ensuring your business is given the best possible footing to succeed in the digital sphere.

When you partner with us, you’re partnering with an agency with a proven track record of killer content, brilliant SEO strategy, and effective design. We don’t just build web pages, we design digital eco-systems with each branch fully optimized to drive traffic and boost conversions.

At Private Sector SEO, we understand the importance of results. This is why every one of our digital strategies is backed by solid research and proven techniques. We’re not here to re-invent the wheel, but we are going to make sure your wheels are greased and optimized for off-roading.

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Why choose Private Sector SEO?

When you partner with Private Sector SEO you’re not just partnering with a digital agency, you’re partnering with a team who’ve dedicated themselves to the digital sphere. With over 35 years of experience in SEO and digital marketing, we’ve run over 500 successful SEO campaigns for businesses across multiple industries. We know digital marketing and we’re good at it.


At Private Sector SEO, dominance in your space is the end result – nothing less is acceptable. Through qualified SEO techniques and savvy marketing, we ensure your website ranks well and drives traffic, boosting your conversions and bolstering your brand as a whole.

Killer website architecture and design analysis

Stop losing your customers to your competition.

With our website architecture and design analysis service, you’ll rest easy knowing your website is end-to-end optimized. We’ll go through your whole site, page by page, making sure each one can be quickly found and indexed by all the major search engines.


At Private Sector SEO, we don’t believe in “good enough”. When you partner with us, we ensure your website is fully SEO optimized and primed to convert customers.

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SEO certified – eMarketing Institute

Digital marketing certified – SEMRush Academy


Advanced keyword targeting

We’re one of the best SEO services in Arizona and we don’t take that title lightly. Through our advanced keyword targeting service, your website will rank high and drive traffic.


We do extensive research to discover the best-performing keywords for your niche and develop killer content to best leverage them. With us at your back, you can rest assured your keyword strategy is pulling its weight.

Bespoke content strategies

When you partner with Private Sector SEO, you’re not just getting a comprehensive site audit, you’re also gaining a content coach. We’ll show you the industry secrets to developing cutting-edge content that will drive engagement and traffic.


Learn how to create killer content that will keep your customers coming back for more.

How’s your SEO game?

Search engine optimization is no longer a nice-to-have. In today’s digital sphere, you have to make sure your SEO game is cutting edge. After all, the most awesome website in the world means very little if no one can find it.


SEO is a multifaceted practice with multiple distinct branches. You have to have a killer understanding of every avenue if you’re going to effectively drive traffic to your website. From on-page optimization to link building to keyword targeting, you have to cover all your bases to ensure your SEO strategy is pulling its weight.


That’s where we come in.

Here at Private Sector SEO, we’re SEO specialists. We ensure our clients’ websites rank well and dominate their niche – no exceptions.


With us in your corner, you’ll rest easy knowing your SEO game is strong and effective. We do it all from website analysis to keyword targeting to custom content strategies. We don’t just help you rank well, we make sure your digital ecosystem is primed to attract customers and drive conversions.


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